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This is a live recording i did this afternoon, ive been so busy lately i haven’t even had time to sit down and play music. Its nice to be able to take a moment for yourself sometimes.

2 years ago

I dont think ive ever been this happy with my life.

Im blessed.

4 years ago

Sing with your head up
with your eyes closed
not because you love the song
because you love to sing

5 years ago


My band. Live. Shot by great friend Jeremy E Jackson.
5 years ago
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What a night for a dance, you know I'm a dancing machine
With the fire in my bones and the sweet taste of kerosene
I get lost in the light so high i don't wanna come down
To face the loss of the good thing that i have found

In the dark of the night I can hear you calling my name
With the hardest of hearts I still feel full of pain
So I drink and I smoke and I ask you if you're ever around
Even though it was me who drove us right in the ground

See the time we shared it was precious to me
But all the while I was dreaming of revelry

Gonna run baby run like a stream down a mountainside
With the wind at my back I won't ever even bat an eye
Just know it was you all along who had a hold of my heart
But the demon and me were the best of friends from the start

So the time we shared it was precious to me
All the while I was dreaming of revelry
Dreaming of revelry

And I told myself for the way you go, it rained so hard it felt like snow
Everything came tumbling down on me
In the back of the woods in the dark of the night
Palest of the old moonlight
Everything just felt so incomplete

Dreaming of revelry

5 years ago
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wrote this song awhile back, just thought id share it,

3 years ago

Im tired.

Ive been working hard.

4 years ago


Photos from CrueFest!!! More to come!!! Check em.
5 years ago
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As a kid some times i would layout in the back yard to watch the sunset and think to myself as the sun goes down, About growing up and who i would become,what kinda life i would live and what the world would be like.
I dont think i have become quite the man i thought i would be.
Because i dont think i knew then what the world was really like.
As i layed in the grass starring up at the sky,all i saw was beauty and i could’nt comprehend anything else.

Oh how i wish i could be a kid again and see past all the bullshit and see the world for all its beauty.What kind of a world do we live in when the most common shared emotion is hate?

5 years ago